Our Team

Our success in creating business solutions to poverty is due in large part to our talented and highly committed team.

TechnoServe employs more than 1,200 people, 90 percent of whom are host-country nationals working in the field. Our staff combine business expertise with local knowledge, relationships, and context to help hardworking men and women generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities.

Latin America & the Caribbean

Andrei Belyi

Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean

Oscar Artiga

Country Manager, El Salvador

Ryan Bathrick

Country Director, Nicaragua

Gabriela Campuzano

Country Director, Mexico

M么nica Coutinho

Country Manager, Brazil

Victor Ganoza

Country Director, Peru

Ricardo Gonzalez

Country Director, Honduras

Karen Heshusius

Country Manager, Colombia

Corina Rivas

Country Director, Chile

Eduardo Ruata

Country Director, Guatemala

Southern Africa

Jane Grob

Country Director, Mozambique

Jacob Ulrich

Country Director, Zambia and Malawi

West Africa

Kwame Boate

Country Director, Ghana

Axel Kadja

Country Manager, C么te d'Ivoire

James Obarowski

Country Director, Benin

Larry Umunna

Country Director, Nigeria

East Africa

Ben Bizinde

Interim Country Manager, Rwanda

Monsiapile Kajimbwa

Interim Country Manager, Tanzania

Janno van der Laan

Country Manager, Democratic Republic of the Congo

John Logan

Country Director, Kenya

Meralyn Mungereza

Country Manager, Uganda

Mefthe Tadesse

Country Director, Ethiopia


Punit Gupta

Country Director, India