Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about something? Browse our list of frequently asked questions below. If you still haven't found what you're looking for, please contact us.

General Information

What does TechnoServe do?

We help grow strong markets that create income, jobs and wealth for poor people in the developing world. Visit our How We Work page to learn more.


Where does TechnoServe work?

In more than 29 countries. More information is available on our Where We Work page.


What does your name mean?

Our name represents our technical expertise and history of service across the world.


Working With Us

How can my organization partner with TechnoServe?

To learn about partnership opportunities, visit our Partner with Us page.


We provide a service or product that can support your work. Are there any opportunities to pitch this to you?

Yes. Please visit our Contact Us page to connect with us.


Can you provide funding for my project/business/idea?

TechnoServe connects emerging businesses and farms to capital, networks and suppliers through various programs. Generally, we do not provide direct funding. Funding opportunities for emerging businesses and farms vary from program to program. Visit our Where We Work page to learn more about TechnoServe programs near you.


How can I apply to work at TechnoServe?

Visit our Opportunities page for detailed information.


How can I volunteer for TechnoServe?

Visit our Volunteer page for detailed information about our TechnoServe Fellows program.


Does TechnoServe offer internship opportunities?

Internships are posted periodically. For more information, visit our Opportunities page. If you have a specific interest and do not see a relevant internship posted to our website, please contact the office nearest you.


What resources can you provide to help my farm or emerging business?

TechnoServe helps enterprising people acquire skills, share knowledge and apply the technologies needed to build successful farms and businesses through various programs. Visit our Where We Work page to learn more about TechnoServe programs near you and to connect with a local TechnoServe country office.


Public Engagement

How can I arrange for a TechnoServe representative to speak at an event that we are hosting?

Please visit our Contact Us page to connect with us.


I am a member of the media and would like to write a piece about the work that you’re doing (or interview a TechnoServe employee).

Please visit our Press Room for media resources and detailed contact information.